Age: 39
Profession: Entrepreneur
Location: Hong Kong

Were you born into a Buddhist family? Yes, but I didn’t understand much about Buddhism until I started studying it on my own. Like many people, I looked to the Buddha as someone to pray to in order to get what I wanted—to go to a good school, to meet a good girlfriend, to get a raise or a promotion. But actually that has nothing to do with what the Buddha taught.

When I began my self-study, I learned that that the Buddha’s teaching is all about karma. Buddhism is about causes and consequences, conditions and circumstances. I was an engineering major, and I’ve studied physics, which talks about actions and reactions, so karma makes a lot of sense to me.

You’ve started a movement called Green Monday. What is it? It is a multidimensional social venture revolving primarily around food. The common thread is the question, how do we build a more sustainable world in a way that also benefits ourselves? The call for action is for people to eat a plant-based diet one day each week.

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