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In the Time of Waste

Joanna Macy, author, activist, and Buddhist teacher, looks at time from the perspective of our nuclear legacy. She co-founded the Nuclear Guardianship Project aimed at “monitored retrievable storage” of our radioactive wastes. For the ongoing protection of life, Guardian Sites could become centers of reflection where the containments of radioactivity are monitored and repaired and […]

By Joanna Macy


Buddhism Betrayed? Religion, Politics, and Violence in Sri Lanka

Buddhism Betrayed? Religion, Politics, and Violence in Sri Lanka Stanley Jeyaraja Tambiah University of Chicago Press: Chicago, 1992. 238 pp. $14.95 (paperback).     In the desperation sweeping our world today, religion plays an increasing role in civil conflict. Yet the case of Sri Lanka seems particularly, tragically puzzling. For this is Dhammadvipa, isle of the dharma, home of teachings that enshrine nonviolence. […]

By Joanna Macy
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