This period of intensified practice allows us to examine how we can care for ourselves so that we are better able to serve others. By looking at the aspects of body, mind, and spirit we can address the totality of self. Fill out this form created by Reverend Jo-An Alan Tibbetts at Enkyo Roshi’s Village Zendo in New York City to support your ango.


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I will restore my body by ________________________________________________
(e.g., going to bed earlier, spending more time at the gym, flossing my teeth)

I will nourish my body by ________________________________________________
(e.g., hydrating, eating a healthy breakfast, eating mindfully)

I will honor my body by _________________________________________________
(e.g., bidding adieu to a bad habit, starting a new habit, working on my meditation posture)


I will work with my mind by meditating daily for _______ minutes.

I will study the Genjokoan by ____________________________________________
(e.g., reading it daily, viewing Enkyo Roshi’s dharma talks on


I will renew my spirit by ________________________________________________
(e.g., spending time with children, visiting the museum, walking to nowhere)

I will strengthen my spirit by ____________________________________________
(e.g., attending a weekly meditation group, going on retreat)

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