Venerable Daehaeng Sunim

Daehaeng Sunim is a famous healer. Born in 1926, she suffered great difficulties under the Japanese occupation of her country. She was ordained in her twenties and spent many years deep in the mountains practicing meditation. During this time she developed healing powers. 

“My mind and the mind of a patient are not two. It is similar to electricity; one needs two coils to make light. In the same way, the mind of the patient and my mind combine together so there is energy. Who can we say heals whom? Because the two minds resemble the thread and the lamp that need to touch each other and combine to make light, when there is contact, automatically light comes. For this reason neither side can say they did it.

“The only thing we can say is that the Buddha healed. Is there anything that is not the Buddha? Inside the Buddha, there is the sentient being; inside the sentient being there is the Buddha. It reflects this way. Sometimes people ask me if the Way cures illnesses, but truthfully who is there to be cured of the illness? It is while somebody practices that they heal themselves.”


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