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In this special episode of Tricycle Talks, editor-in-chief James Shaheen is joined by three contributors to Tricycle’s 30th anniversary issue, out this August.

First, Jordan Quaglia, a neuroscientist and experimental psychologist who runs the Cognitive and Affective Science Lab at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, talks about a video game he reviews in the issue that teaches unexpected lessons on impermanence. Quaglia and Shaheen discuss virtual friendships, cultivating compassion in the digital world, and the unique opportunities video games can offer contemplative practitioners.

Next up is Vanessa Zuisei Goddard, a Zen teacher and writer based in New York City. In “Just Love Them,” Goddard writes about a time when her job at a Buddhist monastery was getting in the way of what she calls the “real work.” She joins Tricycle Talks to talk about the dangers of perfectionism, the transformative power of lovingkindness, and practical tools for dealing with burnout.

Finally, Ira Helderman, a religious studies scholar, psychotherapist, and lecturer at Vanderbilt University, comments on his feature article, “The McMindfulness Wars: What’s a Psychotherapist to Do?,” which lays out contemporary debates about the ethics of mindfulness-based interventions. Shaheen and Helderman explore the long histories of these debates, as well as possible paths forward.

Also in this issue: Stephen Mitchell demonstrates the thrill of “dharma combat” and how it can reveal a student’s understanding of the truth—until the truth changes again; teacher and writer Stephen Batchelor explores the rituals and mysteries of creativity with novelist and Zen priest Ruth Ozeki; we learn how some of Tricycle’s contributing editors’ opinions have evolved over the last 30 years; and psychologist and science journalist Daniel Goleman speaks with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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