Sharon Salzberg

Dharma Talks

Real Happiness at Work

In this retreat, Sharon Salzberg offers meditations for accomplishment, achievement, and peace in the work place. Guiding us through practices that have application in both the professional and personal realms, she outlines an attitude to achieve real happiness at work.

By Sharon Salzberg

Dharma Talks

The Five Hindrances

The Five Hindrances are obstacles that arise in our meditation practice—and in our lives—that throw us into confusion. They are: Desire, Aversion, Laziness, Restlessness, and Doubt. Each of them has its own way of knocking us off the path of practice, and yet, dealing with the Hindrances is our practice. If we had no negative emotional states to confront, we wouldn’t be on the spiritual path at all!

By Sharon Salzberg
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