The traveling art exhibiton Sweetcake Enso, which visited several New York-area centers in the fall of 2010 before heading to the Village Zendo in January 2011 (when the area received a record three feet of snowfall, on top of nearly two feet that fell on December 26th) is setting up shop at San Francisco Zen Center tomorrow, April 29th until May 29th. The Artists’ Reception will be tomorrow night from 7 PM to 9 PM. Read more about this month-long exhibition here.

Sweetcake Enso is a traveling art exhibit started by the Empty Hand Zen Center in New Rochelle, New York. Artists from many different sanghas have been invited to join the show, which is traveling to Zen centers and Buddhist communities all over the country. Before heading to the west coast, the show has visited three New York-area centers: the Empty Hand Zen Center in New Rochelle, the Brooklyn Zendo, and the Village Zendo in Greenwich Village. A full schedule of visits and centers is on the Sweetcake Endo site.

Pictured at right is one of Dairyu Michael Wenger’s Inklings. His artwork—you can see a lot of it on display at his blog—will be among those displayed at the show. Other artists featured in the show include: Margaret Bertrand,  Sanford Biggers, Ross Bleckner, Colleen Corcoran, Bob Dodge, Ruth Doodson, Noah Fischer, Todd Gilens, Max Gimblett, Gregg Hill, Kichung-Eiko Liz Lizee, Doug Miller, Karen Schiff, Fran Shalom, Bridget Spaeth, Trevor Tubelle, Leslie Wagner, Maria Wallace, Allison Watkins, and Susan Weisberg.

If you’re going to be in the Bay Area for the month of May, please stop by City Center at 300 Page St.


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