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Tricycle Talks: The Task Is Being You

Buddhist psychotherapist and bestselling author Mark Epstein talks about his new book, Advice Not Given and explains how the two disciplines of his life, Buddhism and psychotherapy, come together to relieve the suffering of others—as well as his own.

By Amy Gross


Thunder and Lightning

Cracking Open the Writer’s CraftBy Natalie GoldbergBantam, 2000384 pp.; $24.95 (cloth)  “This is a manifesto: Writing is a true spiritual path, an authentic Zen way,” Natalie Goldberg declares at the end of her new book, Thunder and Lightning: Cracking Open the Writer’s Craft. Years ago, her teacher, the late Katigiri Roshi, asked her, “Why do […]

By Amy Gross

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The Art of Dying

“There are no dead people,” Bob Thurman says. “No one is going to become a dead person. There is no death.” He’s launching the third Art of Dying conference in New York City, cosponsored by Tibet House, of which he’s president, and the New York Open Center. He will talk for four hours, without a […]

By Amy Gross
Joseph Goldstein


How Amazing!

Joseph Goldstein, dharma teacher and IMS cofounder, talks with Amy Gross about Vipassana and Dzogchen.

By Amy Gross
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