Image © Michael S. Wertz
Image © Michael S. Wertz

if you could imagine,

or visualize the entire Wheel of Time mandala in the drop the size of a
mustard seed at the tip on one’s nose & see the whites of the eyes of 722
all rooting for the enlightened you the wide-awake you

if you could imagine an enemy who would it be?

visualize the whites of their eyes
don’t shoot!

would it not be the proverbial enemy within

(why did my brain incubate all those long years . . . )

plotting its great overthrow & thrust of all that stuff toward its own sweet

guarded in the night

why would you not travel in this kind of visualization

what not accomplish with 24 arms

as you shift the ecliptic . . . . .

From Manatee/Humanity, © 2009 by Anne Waldman. Reprinted with permission from Penguin.


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