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A Dream-Over at the Rubin Museum of Art

On a recent Saturday evening, 80 people with pajamas peeking from beneath their overcoats filed down West 17th Street in New York City and slipped through the doors of the Rubin Museum of Art. In the lobby, tea lights flickered and soothing music played. In the galleries above, great works of Himalayan art awaited the […]

By Caitlin Van Dusen


‘Ram Dass: Fierce Grace’ by Mickey Lemle

Ram Dass: Fierce Grace Produced and directed by Mickey Lemle 2001, 93 minutes In February of 1997, spiritual leader and teacher Ram Dass suffered a massive stroke, leaving him with a mild speech disorder and partial paralysis. In this feature-length documentary, director Mickey Lemle intersperses scenes of Ram Dass’s life today with footage from his […]

By Caitlin Van Dusen
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