Gary Snyder

Gary Snyder lives in the northern Sierra Nevada and Practices in the Linji Ch'an (Zen) Buddhist tradition. Pulitzer prize-winning poet and essayist, his books include Turtle Island, Practice of the Wild, and Mountains and Rivers Without End, among others.

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Buddhist Anarchism

Earlier today I came across a link to the following essay on the Facebook page of Buddhist Global Relief. Written by Gary Snyder in 1961, it is a very interesting read and, as CDDC explains, “it is one of the first expressions of what later became known as socially engaged Buddhism.” Buddhism holds that the […]

By Gary Snyder

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Housecleaning in Kyoto

This red washrag       full of holesfaded grayish-pinkfrom scouring smokypots—before I throw it out,       we found it:campingPotrero Meadows 1956 —Gary Snyder From Tamalpais Walking: Poetry, History, and Prints, © 2009 by Tom Killion and © 2009 by Gary Snyder. Reprinted with permission of Heyday Books, Berkeley, California.

By Gary Snyder

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Spring Sesshin at Shokoku-ji

SHOKOKU TEMPLE is in Northern Kyoto, on level ground, with a Christian college just south of it and many blocks of crowded little houses and stone-edged dirt roads north. It is the mother-temple of many branch temples scattered throughout Japan, and one of the several great temple­systems of the Rinzai Sect of Zen. Shokoku-ji is […]

By Gary Snyder
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