Jan Chozen Bays

Jan Chozen Bays is a physician, Zen priest, and co-abbot of Great Vow Zen Monastery in Clatskanie, Oregon. She is the author of Mindful Eating and The Mindful Eating Workbook.

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Embodiment is: emerging into this world of light and sound joy of skin touching skin, mouth on breath, body sliding into/out of body separateness of playmates teasing, mommy scolding, dog growling, knife cutting loneliness of being encased in envelope of skin, thoughts and emotions a mystery to others confinement to body as a constantly changing […]

By Jan Chozen Bays


What the Buddha Taught About Sexual Harassment

At one time a certain woman was wearing a rough blanket. A certain monk, being infatuated, said to this woman, “Sister, is that thick, short hair yours?” She did not understand and said, “Yes, master, it is a rough blanket.” He was remorseful and said, “What if I have fallen into an offence entailing a […]

By Jan Chozen Bays
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