Leila Hadley

Leila Hadley Leila Hadley is a writer living in New York. A Journey With Elsa Cloud, based on a trip taken in 1978, is an excerpt from a work in progress.


“Nothing Is Final Forever

This vignette is excerpted from A Journey with Elsa Cloud, just published by Books & Co./Turtle Point Press. The story opens with a telephone call to the narrator from her estranged daughter in India who, having become a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner, lures her mother to the East with the promise of an audience with the […]

By Leila Hadley

Magazine Personal Reflections

A Journey with Elsa Cloud

MY DAUGHTER HAS BEEN LOST TO ME in a world I don’t understand. I have been lost to her in a world she came to scorn. In more than two years, I haven’t spoken with her. Now, woken up by the telephone’s beeping, I hear Veronica’s voice, sure, cool, coming through the receiver from a […]

By Leila Hadley
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