Marilyn Webb

Marilyn Webb is the author of The Good Death: The New American Search to Reshape the End of Life, Bantam, 1999.

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Dharma in the Rockies: The Great Stupa

It’s highway driving for the first two hours north of Denver. After Fort Collins, taking the left fork at a gas station known only as Ted’s Place, we head steadily uphill through the towering crags of the Rockies. Beyond the last town, at eight thousand feet, we turn right onto an all-dirt road. Valleys filled […]

By Marilyn Webb

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Still Here

Still Here: Embracing Aging, Changing, and Dying Ram DassRiverhead Books, 2000206 pp.; $22.22 (cloth) With Still Here, Ram Dass has written what is arguably his best book since his countercultural best-sellerBe Here Now. He calls himself and “advance scout” and his scouting has not plumbed the depths of illness, aging, and pain, as well as the joys […]

By Marilyn Webb
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