Rita M. Gross

Rita M. Gross (1943–2015) was an author, dharma teacher, and professor emerita of comparative studies in religion. Her best-known books are Buddhism after Patriarchy: A Feminist History, Analysis, and Reconstruction of Buddhism and A Garland of Feminist Reflections: Forty Years of Religious Exploration.
buddhism and religious diversity

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Buddhism and Religious Diversity

Instead of desperately desiring answers to unanswerable questions, Buddhist practitioners should learn how to be helpful in a religiously diverse world.

By Rita M. Gross, Artwork by Tsherin Sherpa

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Buddhist History for Buddhist Practitioners

Modern historical study challenges much in the Buddhist tradition, but understanding Buddhist history can enrich our practice by demonstrating how Buddhist teachings and institutions are themselves impermanent and contingently arisen. This examination of Buddhist history may…

By Rita M. Gross

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