Chase Twichell

Chase Twichell is a poet whose most recent book of poetry is The Snow Watcher (Ontario Review Press). In 1999 she left her teaching position at Princeton University to start Ausable Press, which publishes contemporary poetry.

Trike Daily Arts & Culture

After Snow

                      After Snow I’m the first car after the sander. In my headlights, the cinnamon swirls of fresh sand are intact. What dial did I turn to get here, the road a bolt of cloth unfurling before me, and on all sides the windless, snow-softened […]

By Chase Twichell

Trike Daily Arts & Culture

Invisible Fence

Invisible Fence Every moment’s a splitting twig,a wind that blows the smoke west then blows it east. Asleep? Awake? A thousand silver minnows of distraction!And sleep, my Lethe and opium. Once in a while I catch myself awake.That breaks the spell. A few last splinters of fire still smoke in the sky, the me,the open […]

By Chase Twichell

Trike Daily Arts & Culture

Fox Bones

                      Fox Bones To write a poem is to study oneself. To strip away all but the sinews, and then the sinews. A jawbone stuck out of the dirt— young fox with still-perfect teeth. I keep in on my desk. Everything is made of mystery. […]

By Chase Twichell

Magazine Arts & Culture

Ochre and Blue

Waking to ochre birch leaves sinking in the blue undersea of dawn, I swim in the same currents, needing nothing. Later I’ll forget this, and mourn the end of autumn. What’s left to be said about being human?

By Chase Twichell
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