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Letter to the Editor

Will the Real Buddhist Please . . . I was troubled by the implications of the interview with Robert Thurman and Stephen Batchelor (Tricycle, Summer, 1997). Batchelor is obviously taking the Buddha’s words to heart by…

By Tricycle

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In the News Fall 1997

Change Your Mind Day 1997 Longtime practitioners, meditators-for-a-day, dharma bums, and dog walkers turned out for Tricycle’s fourth annual Change Your Mind Day on May 31. The afternoon of free, informal, introductory instruction is organized each…

By Tricycle

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Death Becomes Us

Imagine that a great sage arrives in the West to give the secret teachings on living and dying. Thousands of people pack the stadium. The master says: “We are born. We die. The sooner you understand…

By Helen Tworkov

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