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Fall 1997

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Special Sections

Special Section

The Body After Death

Methods of caring for the body after death vary from culture to culture. What follows are some suggestions that come from my experience as a Buddhist and a caregiver of dying people. IMMEDIATELY AFTER DEATH Keep the atmosphere around the deceased simple and peaceful. If possible, do not disturb or touch the body immediately after […]

By Joan Halifax

Special Section

Death: As Common As Life

At least half the organic matter you see on a walk in the forest is dead: dead leaves, deadwood, dead weeds, insect carcasses, maybe even the stinking corpse of some higher animal if you’re lucky. There are massive die-outs: suddenly the cicadas are silent, and the husks of their bodies litter the trail. Great plagues […]

By Robert Augustus Masters

Special Section

Tonglen: The Practice of Giving and Receiving

In the Tonglen practice of giving and receiving, we take on, through compassion, all the various mental and physical sufferings of all beings; their fear, frustration, pain, anger, guilt, bitterness, doubt, and rage, and we give them, through love, all our happiness and well-being, peace of mind, healing, and fulfillment. TONGLEN PRACTICE 1. Before you […]

By Sogyal Rinpoche

Special Section

That Body Is This Body

That Body Is This Body If [a monk] were to see a corpse cast away in a charnel ground, picked at by crows, vultures, and hawks, by dogs, hyenas, and various other creatures . . . a skeleton smeared with flesh and blood, connected with tendons . . . a fleshless skeleton smeared with blood, […]

By Shakyamuni Buddha

Special Section

What Does The Body Dream At Rest?

  If the heat of one body restingEquals seventy lotus flowersWhat does the body dream at rest? The boy fell into the sea and it swept him awaySaid those who watched him tumble off the cliff;Of course, they could not feel what he feltAs his legs, like scissors, cut the waves. The boy entered the […]

By Russell Leong

Special Section

Dissolving Into Blue Sky

My mother planned to die at home. But she died in the hospital, near her home in Maine, because m that moment, when her growing shortness of breath so frightened and unnerved her, the hospital was where she chose to be. It was the right decision for her, and she was glad to have made […]

By Stphen Hyde

Special Section

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche’s Last Teaching

“Even if death were to fall upon you today like lightning, you must be ready to die without sadness and regret, without any residue of clinging for what is left behind. Remaining in the recognition of the absolute view, you should leave this life like an eagle soaring up into the blue sky.” —Dilgo Khyentse […]

By Matthieu Ricard
death awareness

Special Section

Death Awareness

On each branch of the trees in my garden Hang clusters of fruit, swelling and ripe. In the end, not one piece will remain. My mind turns to thoughts of my death. —Seventh Dalai Lama Many meditations focus on something associated with beauty or joy or peace. Perhaps some of you may puzzle over why […]

By Larry Rosenberg

Special Section

Mindfulness Of Death

  You should train yourself: Even though I may be sick in body, my mind will be free of sickness. That’s how you should train yourself. . . . And how is one sick in body but not sick in  mind? There is the case where an instructed noble disciple . . . does not […]

By Shakyamuni Buddha



Letter to the Editor

Will the Real Buddhist Please . . . I was troubled by the implications of the interview with Robert Thurman and Stephen Batchelor (Tricycle, Summer, 1997). Batchelor is obviously taking the Buddha’s words to heart by questioning what he doesn’t know in himself as truth and by not accepting any doctrine on blind faith. No […]

By Tricycle

In the News

In the News Fall 1997

Change Your Mind Day 1997 Longtime practitioners, meditators-for-a-day, dharma bums, and dog walkers turned out for Tricycle’s fourth annual Change Your Mind Day on May 31. The afternoon of free, informal, introductory instruction is organized each year to introduce people of all backgrounds to meditation practice. For five hours, the Great Hill, a secluded and […]

By Tricycle

Editors View

Death Becomes Us

Imagine that a great sage arrives in the West to give the secret teachings on living and dying. Thousands of people pack the stadium. The master says: “We are born. We die. The sooner you understand this, the better off you are.” Then he stands up and bows good-bye. But everyone gets angry and says, […]

By Helen Tworkov
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