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Letters to the Editor Winter 1997

Death Matters In the article “What Is Death?” by  Robert Thurman, published in your Fall 1997 issue, Mr. Thur­man criticizes materialists for a view that no modern, educated materialist would ever hold: i.e., that consciousness is…

By Tricycle

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Greener Grass

The movies Kundun and Seven Years in Tibet will introduce millions of Westerners to the cultural and religious heritage of Tibet, as well as to the Chinese takeover. Indeed, the hope of both screenwritersMelissa Mathison and Becky…

By Helen Tworkov

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In the News Winter 1997

Aide to Tibet In a move that marks a new era in American diplomatic relations with Tibet, Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright announced in July that she would appoint a “special coordinator” to handle American…

By Tricycle

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