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History of Indian Buddhism

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Books in Brief

History of Indian Buddhism: from the Origins to the Saka Era By Etienne Lamotte. Translated by Sara Webb-Boin, under the supervision of Jean Dantinne. Publications de l’Institut Orientaliste de Louvain: Louvain, 1991. 870 pp. $95.00 (paperback).…

By Stuart Smithers

Money and the Meaning of Life

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Money and the Meaning of Life

Money and the Meaning of Life By Jacob Needleman. Doubleday: New York, 1991. 321 pp. $20.00 (hardcover). “Tether your camel, then talk of God,” goes the old desert saying. Perhaps you know people who could use…

By Paul Harris

Mayumi Oda

TeachingsMagazine | Dharma Talk

The First Precept

To refrain from killing is the first Buddhist precept. The Theravada tradition of Southeast Asia interprets this precept in terms that parallel a Western sense of morality: there is a clear-cut distinction between killing and not…

By Sulak Sivaraksa

Narrow Road to the Interior

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Narrow Road to the Interior

Narrow Road to the Interior By Matsuo Basho. Translated by Sam Hamill. Shambhala Publications: Boston, 1991. 105 pp. $10.00 (paperback). As Sam Hamill reminds us in the preface to this lucid and engaging translation, Basho’s haibun—brief prose…

By Margaret Gibson

Thai Women in Buddhism

Magazine | Reviews

Thai Women in Buddhism

Thai Women in Buddhism By Chatsumarn Kabilsingh. Parallax Press: Berkeley, 1991. 110 pp. $12.00 (paperback) Chatsumarn Kabilsingh, professor of Religion and Philosophy at Thammasat University in Bangkok, has written a book as skillful as a surgeon’s knife,…

By Diana N. Rowan

In the News spring 1992

Magazine | In the News

In the News Summer 1992

AMNESTY TAKES ON CHINA Amnesty International, the human rights advocacy group, is launching a campaign in May to bring greater attention to the atrocities cited by Tibetan prisoners of conscience. Amnesty has evidence of over one hundred…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Letters

Letters to the Editor Summer 1992

TAKEN TO TASK I had thought one of the commitments of Tricycle was to document and extend the presence of women in Buddhism. Of the ten feature articles in your third issue, only one, the editor’s…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Editors View

Speaking of Silence

Recently I had the happy occasion to introduce two old friends whose lives had been informed by the Cistercian monk, Father Louis, better known as Thomas Merton. Both had grown up in Episcopalian families; one had converted…

By Helen Tworkov

Tasting Darkness

Magazine | Food

Tasting Darkness

Whenever I sith with a bowl of soup before me, listening to the murmur that penetrates like the far-off shrill of an insect, lost in contemplation of flavors to come, I feel as if I were being…

By Jun'ichiro Tanizaki

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