As the founder and host of Wisdom 2.0, I was saddened to read “Buying Wisdom: The Art of Mindful Networking” in the last issue of Tricycle. While the piece brought up some good points, I was disappointed that Tricycle would publish a piece with so many inaccuracies.

There were the small ones, like referring to our event as the Second Annual (it was the Third Annual) and getting the name of the community board wrong. Other errors were more severe, like the line: “conference’s sponsors included such tech corporations as Google, Facebook, Zynga, and PayPal—and it showed.” The writer then explains how “it showed” at the conference he attended. But Zynga, Paypal, and Facebook were not sponsors of the conference. We have no idea where the writer got this or why this was never checked.

It also included several quotes from Eric Schiermeyer that he never said. All the videos are on our website, so it is easy to go back and refer to what was actually said. Along with this, the author quotes from anonymous sources at the conference including what members wrote on a community board, yet never bothered to check with us before publication.

The article also states: “the conference organizers were themselves given to saying things like, ‘Every generation is different. Who cares how they’re different? Let’s meet them in that place where they’re different.’”

It turns out neither I nor anyone else involved with our conference ever said this quote. We might have made said something like this, but to list it as a direct quote was inaccurate.

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