Frank Ostaseski

Personal Reflections COVID-19

The Many Flavors of Grief

Buddhist hospice founder Frank Ostaseski talks with media scholar Bernhard Poerksen about the invisibility of death and the virtualization of dying in the pandemic.

Interview with Frank Ostaseski by Bernhard Poerksen

larry brilliant

Ideas COVID-19

The Doctor and His Guru

Epidemiologist Larry Brilliant talks with German media scholar Bernhard Poerksen about the dangers of nationalism in times of a pandemic, and the eradication of smallpox as a lesson in global cooperation.

Interview with Larry Brilliant by Bernhard Poerksen

Shelly Tygielski

Ideas Buddhism

Running Back Into the Fire

In a recent episode of Life As It Is, mutual aid activist Shelly Tygielski discusses her work building communities of care in times of crisis.

By Shelly Tygielski

Ashin Wirathu

News Buddha Buzz

Myanmar’s Military Releases Vitriolic Monk Ashin Wirathu

Without offering further details, the junta stated that all charges against the so-called “Buddhist Bin Laden” had been dropped. Plus, Bhutanese monks support sexual education and Pasadena Buddhist temple hosts COVID-19 vaccine clinic. Tricycle looks back…

By Alison Spiegel, Amanda Lim Patton, and Daniel Ilan Cohen Thin

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