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Meditation Meditation Month 2023

What Mindfulness Is Not

As interest in mindfulness booms, four Buddhist teachers discuss the history and meaning of the term and how it can get distorted in the popular imagination.

A conversation with Stephen Batchelor, Christina Feldman, Akincano M. Weber, and John Peacock

Teachings Eightfold Path

Reflections on the Eightfold Path

In an excerpt from Tricycle’s newest online course, “Reimagining the Eightfold Path,” Stephen Batchelor describes why the path metaphor is so powerful and how we might approach this foundational Buddhist teaching today. 

By Stephen Batchelor

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Dropping the Bodhisattva Gods

In this excerpt from his latest book, secular Buddhist Stephen Batchelor explains why he traded magical thinking for a more historical—and human—understanding of the dharma.

By Stephen Batchelor

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