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Blogisattva Awards

By Tricycle

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past month (probably not a bad idea in the northeast given the relentless heat) you’ve probably heard about the Blogisattva Awards. (Disclosure: I’m on the Judges’ Panel. Further disclosure: I haven’t done anything at all yet.) Kyle Lovett of The Reformed Buddhist (recently interviewed here on Shambhala SunSpace by Rod Meade Sperry) and Nate DeMontigny of Precious Metal have single… er, double-handedly revived the Blogisattvas. You’ll be sure to see your favorite Buddhist bloggers there at the awards (sorry, no red carpet yet) as well as many new faces. It’s one of the best ways to find Buddhist blogs you might otherwise have missed, and that’s really the point. The Blogisattvas site is very nice-looking and contains this nifty badge:

Add it to your blog if you like. There will probably be another badge for winners, after the judging is done later this year. Make a hard-working Buddhist blogger’s day! Nominate a deserving blog here. Follow the Blogisattvas on Twiiter.

Great job and thank you to Kyle and Nate, and a thank you to all the Buddhist bloggers providing the rest of us with great dharma to read day after day.

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