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In honor of Black History Month, Tricycle is presenting a special video series, “Teachings for Uncertain Times,” featuring 13 teachers of color, here on our blog, Trike Daily, throughout February. The videos are free to watch.

In the following video Tuere Sala, a co-guiding teacher at Seattle Insight Meditation Society and retired prosecutor, explains how taking refuge is an essential step to developing trust during times of turbulence.

“I have, over the years, come to develop an enduring trust—in the dharma and in my practice—that will support me no matter what situation I encounter, no matter what comes before me,” Sala says. “This trust did not come from someone else telling me what to do or someone else telling me how to believe. This trust came out of my own practice, my own working with the practice in my everyday life. It’s called taking refuge in the dharma, the Buddha, and the sangha. It’s this refuge that we take when we apply these teachings to our own life.”

Download a transcript of this talk. It has been edited for clarity.

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