2016 was a milestone year at Tricycle.

What started 25 years ago as a modest effort around founding editor Helen Tworkov’s kitchen table is now an international publication that reaches hundreds of thousands of readers in print and online. This year, we also launched a sleekly redesigned, user-friendly website and online course platform to help you better engage and learn from influential Buddhist teachers.

At 25, our commitment to help you learn from and engage with the Buddhist community is as strong as ever.  

As 2016 comes to a close, here are 16 articles, videos, and dharma talks published over the last 12 months that we think are worth a read (or a second look) before the year is up:

From the Magazine

Where the Thinking Stops
How prayer can put us in touch with something that is infinitely greater than we are—the mind itself
By Ken McLeod

Revisiting Ritual
Modern Buddhists often resist embracing ritual practice. But by working with our resistance, we can open ourselves to ritual’s liberatory potential.
By Anne C. Klein

Black Coffee Buddhism
An interview with writer and philosopher Charles Johnson
By E. Ethelbert Miller

Death is Not an Emergency
A Buddhist chaplain at the bedside of a Catholic patient
By Robert Chodo Campbell

Doing, Being, and the Great In-Between
Can putting an end to the endless pursuit of becoming someone imbue our lives with meaning?
By Christina Feldman

Our Common Thread
A Nichiren priest resists the idea that meditation is the unifying factor across Buddhist traditions.
By Myokei Caine-Barrett

Does Mindfulness Belong in Public Schools?
Two views
By Candy Gunther Brown and Saki Santorelli

From Trike Daily

Photograph by Bess Adler

Meet the First (and Only) Woman to Summit Mt. Everest Seven Times
Lhakpa Sherpa works as a housekeeper in Connecticut and climbs to provide for her three children.
By Wendy Joan Biddlecombe

Finding Refuge in a Time of War
This election cycle had been a condensed version of everything a child of immigrants learned to fear. The difference now is that she has a community.
By Daisy Hernández

Jhana: The Spice Your Meditation Practice Has Been Missing
Why jhana meditation is a transformative and vital part of the eightfold path
By Jay Michaelson

An Ethical Insurrection
French Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard talks about why we’re due for radical change in how we treat animals.
By Marie Scarles

Why a Buddhist Yoga Teacher Heard the Call to Save 135 Rabbits
How Wendy Cook, who had never considered herself an animal activist, coordinated the “Great Rabbit Liberation of 2016.”
By Lakshmi Gandhi

Watch: SIT
A short documentary about Soto Zen priest Shohaku Okumura and his family.
Directed by Yoko Okumura

My Stoop Sangha 
If my Harlem block is my sangha, then the stoop provides two opportunities for seeking refuge: privacy and participation.
By Lauren Krauze

How a Monk-Turned-Street Artist Sees New York City’s Homeless
Pairoj Pichetmetakul hopes “The Positivity Scrolls” help teach New Yorkers compassion.
By Roi Ben-Yehuda and Terence Cantarella

From Dharma Talks

Vimalasara on using the Buddha's Teachings to overcome addiction

Using the Buddha’s Teachings to Overcome Addiction
With Valerie Mason-John (Vimalasara)

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