Andrew Goodwin

Andrew Goodwin is chair of the Department of Media Studies at the University of San Francisco.

Magazine Body & Mind

Sympathy For Schopenhauer: Half of the story

  The Schopenhauer CureIrvin D. YalomNew York: Harper Perennial, January 2006384 pp.; $13.95 (paper) “Nice things are nicer than nasty ones.” his perfectly constructed sentence, from the 1954 Kingsley Amis novel Lucky Jim, wittily expresses one of the more important sentiments in twentieth-century English literature. But it is perhaps a sentence in both senses of […]

By Andrew Goodwin


Equals’ by Philip Godwin

EqualsAdam PhillipsNew York: Basic Books, 2002272 pp.; $25.00 (cloth) Perhaps you have experienced the profound shock—or the mild amusement—that comes from finding yourself in a therapist’s office, eager to start working on your past, and with a bit of luck, your future, only to discover that the other person in the room is deeply attached […]

By Andrew Goodwin
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