L. B. Thompson

L. B. Thompson received her M.F.A. in Poetry from NYU. She currently teaches college-level English and works as a freelance writer in New York.

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What I’m Listening To

There is a word in German for a tune that gets lodged in your  memory—Ohrwurm; literally translated it is “earworm.” I woke up one morning with the simple piano introduction to Nina Simone’s version of the Rogers and Hart song “Little Girl Blue” dominating my thoughts, and weeks later I realized it had become more […]

By L. B. Thompson

Magazine Arts & Culture

Variation on a Theme by King David

Praise to you! Praise to you my snappy love! Praise you in clean socks on a Queens-bound     train; praise you for your famous avocado     sandwiches. Praise you from Brooklyn to blasphemy! I’ve called the mayor to praise you; & a thirdbase     coach; even that no-neck accountant who doesn’t have the decency to […]

By L. B. Thompson
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