Lama John Makransky

Lama John Makransky , PhD, is associate professor of Buddhism and comparative theology at Boston College, co-founder of the Courage of Care Coalition and of the Foundation for Active Compassion, and senior faculty advisor and lecturer at the Centre for Buddhist Studies at Rangjung Yeshe.

Personal ReflectionsMagazine | On Parenting

Cartoon As Path

Jonathan (nine years old) reads to us from his favorite comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes. First panel: young Calvin’s teacher gives him a math problem. Next: Calvin stares at the problem, dumbfounded. Final panel: Calvin, dressed in a private eye’s hat, looking tough, declares: “It was another baffling case. But then, you don’t hire a […]

By Lama John Makransky

Child walking with parents family practice buddhism

Personal ReflectionsMagazine | On Parenting

Family Practice

I’d been away on a silent retreat for several weeks. We’d engaged in a Dzogchen preliminary practice of self-inquiry in which one asks, “Who is meditating? Who, what is aware?” By retreat’s end, wondering how my family was doing, I called home. Jonathan, who was three at the time, answered the phone. “Daddy!” he said, […]

By Lama John Makransky

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