Isaiah Seret


An Interview with John Giorno

Profession: Poet Age : 73 Location: NYC What are you working on right now? At the moment I am just finishing a piece about Garcia Lorca. How do you view poetry? All art, and poetry being one, is wisdom. Pure wisdom arises in various forms. Vegetarian? No. All-time hero? My teacher, Dudjom Rinpoche. Do you […]

By Isaiah Seret


This Buddhist Life: Serena Edwards

Serena Edwards contemporary dancer/bartender Age: 28 Location: New York City How did you get into dharma? The easy way: my parents got me in. Do you have a particular lineage subscription? Nyingma—from my parents. Vegetarian? I try and take it easy on the industrial-farming meat. All time hero? My teacher, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche; Guru Rinpoche […]

By Isaiah Seret


This Buddhist Life: George Mumford

George Mumford sports-psychology consultant for the Boston College men’s basketball team and LA Lakers meditation coachAge: 59 Location: Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts How did you get into dharma?I got into the practice via stressreduction, which was being taught by the HMO I was in. I had chronic pain and migraine headaches.What’s exciting about Buddhism for […]

By Isaiah Seret
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