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marc lieberman obituary


The Original “JuBu” Dies at 72

Dr. Marc Lieberman, an ophthalmologist and self-proclaimed Jewish Buddhist, passed away at his home in San Francisco on August 2, the New York Times reported. Calling himself a “JuBu,” Dr. Lieberman practiced both faiths and sought to bridge the gap between them. In 1989 he organized the first formal dialogue between Jewish scholars and His […]

By Amanda Lim Patton
buddhist artifacts afghanistan


Anxiety over Afghan Artifacts

As the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan in the late summer, many questions arose about the country’s future. Among them was the fate of its artifacts, including precious Buddhist relics. National Geographic reported that archaeologists fear for the safety of artifacts and those who protect them in light of the Taliban’s history of desecration, such […]

By Alison Spiegel
dhammakaya temple record


Temple Sets Record with 330,000 Candles

Monks at a temple on the outskirts of Bangkok lit 330,000 candles on Earth Day 2021, setting the Guinness World Record for largest burning image, according to Agence France-Presse. The candles, arranged around the Dhammakaya Temple’s central shrine, depicted a world map, a meditating figure, and the event’s slogan: “Cleanse the Mind, Cleanse the World.” […]

By Amanda Lim Patton
amazon meditation booth


Amazon Tells Tired Workers to Meditate

In a new initiative, Amazon is inviting employees to calm their minds while their bodies are worked to the bone. The company, widely criticized for its grueling working conditions, has installed meditation kiosks in its warehouses where employees can watch videos of guided meditations and other “easy-to-follow well-being activities,” a press release said. If you […]

By Alison Spiegel
white house vesak


White House Hosts Its First Vesak

On May 26, the White House for the first time hosted a celebration of Vesak, a holiday commemorating the Buddha’s birthday, death, and enlightenment. The event—organized by Wangmo Dixey, president of the International Buddhist Association of America—featured a candle lighting with Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff and prayers by leaders from three major Buddhist traditions. The […]

By Alison Spiegel
buddhist temple in space


Kyoto Temple Plans Outer Space Location

Daigoji, a temple in Kyoto, Japan, was founded in 874 and has survived the many twists and turns of history—including Japan’s destructive Onin War in the 15th century. But this Shingon Buddhist temple is hardly stuck in the past—in fact, it plans to go where no Buddhist temple has gone before with an extraterrestrial expansion, […]

By Karen Jensen
lilys vegan pantry


Before It Went Beyond: Mock Meat’s Asian Roots

Plant-based meats, more popular than ever in the US with high-tech brands like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, have been known in China and places influenced by Chinese Buddhist culture since the 10th century. In February 2021, Food & Wine spoke with Lee Mee Ng, the owner of Lily’s Vegan Pantry (formerly May Wah Vegetarian […]

By Emily DeMaioNewton
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