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Spring 1999

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Special Sections

Special Section

Right Speech

Views of the third step of the Eightfold Path from: Susan Piver Browne, Mudita Nisker, Roger Jackson, Donald S. Lopez, Jr., Mirabai Bush and Stephen Smith

By Tricycle



The Lotus

Throughout early history, in Asia and much of the ancient Near East, the lotus was associated with the sacred. The ancient Persians viewed the open lotus flower as a symbol of the sun, the giver of life, and the Phoenicians depicted it being borne to heaven on wings, surrounded by the moon and stars. In […]

[Allan, Baillie] and [Suzanne, Ostro] Allan Baillie


One Blood, Two Lineages

French man of letters Jean-Francois Revel talks philosophy, East and West, with Matthieu Ricard, Tibetan monk, former molecular biologist—and his own son.

By Tricycle


In the Lineage of Sister Mary

I was born on Pawleys Island. The real island, off the coast of South Carolina, was all white people. No blacks were allowed. We lived in the swamps, in the woods on the opposite shore. But we called it Pawleys Island anyway. Our community was made up of villes—Parkersville, Maryville, Plantersville—like African villages. We spoke […]

By Ralph Steele
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In the News

In the News Spring 1999

Power Plays in Korea For months, images became increasingly bizarre. Shaven-headed monks in yellow construction helmets. Opposing monks in gray robes and combat boots. Barricades, firebombs, burning furniture, bodyguards, bulldozers, praying mothers, a melee. At issue: leadership of Korea’s largest Buddhist sect, the Chogye order, with opposing factions attempting to gain control of an annual […]

By Tricycle


Chat with Eric Stoltz

Known for his work in Mask, Pulp Fiction, and Little Women, Eric Stoltz talks about playing a Buddhist doctor on “Chicago Hope.” Tell us about your current role on “Chicago Hope.” I play Dr. Robert Yeats, educated at Harvard and apparently one of the few professionals on television who isn’t a type-A personality. I dress […]

By Tricycle

Dharma Talk

Dissolving the Confusion

The true, real view is the indivisible unity of emptiness and compassion. Confusion arises when something seemingly is, but actually isn’t, like mistaking a rope for a snake. That is a clear mistake, because in reality the rope is not a snake, no way. How do we actualize this view? We have a lot of […]

By Tsoknyi Rinpoche


Letters to the Editor Spring 1999

To the Letter I subscribed to Tricycle because I felt an affinity with a magazine dedicated to a system of thought that appears to transcend dogmatic conflict. However, after reading the Letters section for several months now, I have become dismayed over the constant crabbing, intellectual one-upmanship, and lack of tolerance for others’ viewpoints. I […]

By Tricycle

On Gardening

Heavy Grace

Both my parents died at the end of 1998, each of them on a Monday, a little less than three months apart. Although they had been divorced for forty years, they flared out together like two long-tailed meteors burning a nasty parallel gash in the cold dome of the winter sky. Even though I have […]

By Wendy Johnson

Editors View

This is Where We Find Ourselves

William Sloane Coffin, the Yale University chaplain who famously opposed the Vietnam War, had himself been an undergraduate at Yale, and a classmate of George Bush’s. Long after both men had defined their positions, Coffin’s observation of President Bush’s ascent was that, “skim milk does rise to the top.” It’s a funny way of putting […]

By Tricycle

Parting Words

The Cloud of God

It’s just a little Shinto shrine: a strong woman could pick it up and carry it away. It sits in a niche in a wall on a nondescript corner of an alley in Kyoto that I pass by every morning, in an otherwise soulless neighborhood of the kind often seen around train stations in cities, especially […]

By Robert Brady