results_1 (1)Number of responses: 1,545; 63% from the magazine, 37% from the Web

89% said that they were engaged in Buddhist practice.

83% said that they had taken psychedelics.

Over 40% said that their interest in Buddhism was sparked by psychedelics, with percentages considerably higher for boomers than for twentysomethings.

24% said that they are currently taking psychedelics, with the highest percentages for people over 50 and under 30.

41% said that psychedelics and Buddhism do not mix OR:

59% said that psychedelics and Buddhism do mix.results_2

The age group that expressed the most confidence in a healthy mix was under 20.

71% believe that “psychedelics are not a path but they can provide a glimpse of the reality to which Buddhist practice points.”

58% said that they would consider taking psychedelics in a sacred context. (In the “under 20” category this percentage with 90%.)

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