This month we journeyed with scholar of religion Karen Armstrong from the place of fear and anger that surrounded 9/11 to a place of hope with the Compassionate Action Network’s campaign for Compassionate Cities. The Tricycle Community Discussion for this topic—which includes a special offer for a free chapter of Karen Armstrong’s new book as well as a video interview with Karen from September 10th of this year—is here.

Ari Cowan and Anil Singh-Molares, both of the Compassionate Action Network, joined us in this discussion and shared their stories of cultivating compassion. A discussion participant shared a story of extendinf compassion to returning veterans, and Ari Cowan observed:

One of the central characteristics about compassionate action is that it requires that you give something of yourself, that you do not stand apart from the object of your compassion. Your example of putting yourself out to the veterans is a wonderful demonstration of compassion in action. Thank you.

Visit this discussion here. You’ll have a chance to support the great work of this organization with a $5 donation, as well as download a free chapter of Karen Armstrong’s new book, Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life. Thank you to Ari, Anil, Karen, and all the others who made this month of compassion in action possible!

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