Welcome back for the fourth and final week of Tricycle Meditation Month, our annual challenge to sit all 31 days of March with mindfulness instructor and former Zen nun Martine Batchelor.

This week, Martine leads a guided meditation in altruistic joy, which the Buddha developed as an antidote to envy. We start the meditation by appreciating our own efforts, rejoicing in our own happiness, and feeling grateful for our existence. We then extend these sentiments outward, first to people and other beings in our lives, then to people we might see but don’t really know, and finally to all beings. Martine finds that this practice especially helps us see negative bias and recognize unpleasant feeling tones, which we investigated last week.

Martine also reflects on the four practices she’s taught for developing a firm foundation, and makes practical (and easy!) recommendations for incorporating these meditations into our daily routine.

Download a copy of this talk. It has been edited for clarity.

If you’re hearing about Meditation Month for the first time, missed a video, or need a refresher, this video series will remain free and available. You can also watch a recording of Martine’s introductory live call from Saturday, March 9 here, and her closing live call on Saturday, March 30 here.

Thank you for joining our worldwide sangha this month!

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