In his Week 4 teaching, “Active Engagement,” from his Tricycle Retreat “The Challenge of Change: Living Skillfully in an Uncertain World,” Larry Rosenberg tells us real wisdom isn’t learned in school. He says:

I have a Ph.D., I taught at university for ten years. And at universities, where there were lots of highly educated people, who were considered highly intelligent, and they were. And I saw something was missing. So towards the end of my tour there, what I realized that what I really cared about was living intelligently or living wisely, and that was not what universities were about at all.

Larry uses the words “intelligence,” “wisdom,” and “skill” interchangeably, but what I think he means is living well, not harming. And this kind of skillful living is certainly not on most curriculums. Or should that be (curricula?) Visit Larry’s retreat here. To participate in this and every Tricycle Retreat, become a Tricycle Community Sustaining Member. [Image: marcp_dmoz]

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