Wise View

Rodney Smith, from the third talk, “The Practice of Selfnessness,” from his ongoing Tricycle Retreat,   Wise View is a restatement of what life is. We say, “Life is more connected than it appears or has…

By Tricycle


Sam Harris: Iconoclast or bigot?

To a liberal, educated public, stalwart atheist and PEN Award winner Sam Harris may come off as a brave iconoclast. But if you take a look at Jackson Lears’s “Same Old New Atheism: On Sam Harris”…

By James Shaheen

Online Buddhism in the Vast World

All over the world, right now, in this moment, there is birth and there is death. There is laughter and there are tears. That is the Vast World. If we don’t separate ourselves from it, we…

By Tricycle

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