Buddhism in Armenia:

  • Portion of the population that identifies as Buddhist: < 0.1%
  • Single­-religion households: 96%
  • Year the Armenian constitution was amended to allow freedom of religion: 2005 (The Armenian Apostalic Church remains the national church, however, and enjoys privileges that other groups do not.)
  • Total number of people who attended meditation workshops given by Thai monk Luang Phi John Paramai when he visited three Armenian cities in 2017 : 250
  • Number of 10-­day Vipassana retreats planned this year: 4
  • Members of a free meditation group in Yerevan, Armenia’s capital city: 32
  • Number of Tricycle subscribers: 0

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Data from the US Department of State’s Report on International Religious Freedom, the Pew Research Center, Vipassana in Armenia, the Peace Revolution Project, and Meetup.

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