022georgemumfordGeorge Mumford
sports-psychology consultant for the Boston College men’s basketball team and LA Lakers meditation coach
Age: 59
Location: Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts

How did you get into dharma?
I got into the practice via stressreduction, which was being taught by the HMO I was in. I had chronic pain and migraine headaches.

What’s exciting about Buddhism for you?

Learning about myself and being able to be more self-determined.

Is it relevant today?
It’s what Socrates said, “Know thyself.” Hasn’t changed.

What’s it like to be George Mumford?
If you look at where I am now versus where I was before I got into the dharma—I was in recovery, having pain and not being able to take pain medication; I was working in the military industrial complex. Now I’m very different—now I’m like everybody else out there: How do I make money and pay my bills, and at the same time evolve into the person I need to be? But that’s a moving target.

Do you subscribe to a particular lineage?

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