Genpo Roshi, Kazeon Zen Center, Salt Lake City, UT

Entering into every moment not knowing. A beginner approaches Zen with an open mind, without too much knowledge or too many opinions. The challenge is maintaining this approach after 15 or 20 years of practice, and entering all of life with that perspective: not knowing. Because basically what it all comes down to is that we just don’t know.


Sukkha Murray, Zen Buddhist Temple, Ann Arbor, Michigan

My teacher greets people again and again with a big, friendly smile, as if for the first time. A distressed woman phones about her brain tumor. I listen intently, lunch forgotten. On this clear brisk day a big slow fly crawls across the window in front of my desk. When my habitual tendencies take over and I go on “automatic pilot” with my eleven year old daughter, Komani, she catches me and says Hello! (Sounds like Wake Up!)


Robert Livingston Roshi, Abbot, New Orleans Zen Temple, New Orleans, LA

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