We’re discussing the new book Buddha Standard Time with author and Dzoghcen teacher Lama Surya Das at the Tricycle Book Club for the month of October. Have a question? Ask it here!

In the discussion, Lama Surya Das writes:

My thesis is that it’s not time we lack but focus, priorities, and awareness. For we actually have all the time we need; it all depends on how we choose to use or abuse and lose it.

For example: What keeps you from choosing more satisfactorily how you spend your own time?
Is it really true, as so many people tell me, that others take a lot of time… Rather than you yourself give it to them– work, boss, family or whomever– and that therefore you have a lot of choice, whether conscious or not, in such matters?

During the month of October, all Tricycle Community Members can get Lama Surya Das’s new book, Buddha Standard Time, at a 20% discount with free shipping in the US*, plus free e-book for instant download. Then, discuss the book with Lama Surya Das in the Tricycle Book Club!

Get the book here.

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