meditating monk holding a clock; andrew olendzski awakening

MeditationMagazine | Column

Time to Wake Up

If enlightenment is possible in this life, then why haven't more of us reached it? A Buddhist scholar and practitioner makes a call for genuine awakening.

By Andrew Olendzki

gardening shovel shaped like a gun, digging into earth next to a flower, alchemy for regeneration

IdeasMagazine | Column

An Alchemy for Regeneration

The Atlanta-based organization Lead to Life: A People’s Alchemy for Regeneration has a commitment to nonviolence bolstered by spiritual insight and dedicated action.

By Wendy Johnson

early buddhist women sexual assault

IdeasMagazine | Column

Of Mara and Men

Early Buddhist nuns stand up to the demon Mara, in this context a symbol of aggression and misogyny, and face him down.

By Andrew Olendzki

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