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Magazine | Feature

Buddhism and the Market

How a Buddhist understanding of mutual debt can free us from the pressures of building and growing wealth

By Kurt Spellmeyer, Illustrations by Kara Pyle


Magazine | Spotlight On

Portraits of the Homeless

Pairoj Pichetmetakul, a monk turned street artist, paints portraits of homeless people to teach others compassion.

By Wendy Biddlecombe Agsar, Photography by Bess Adler

Magazine | Dharma Talk

On Dignity

What is “self-worth” in a system that denies the permanence of any self?

By Sallie Jiko Tisdale, Photography by Dorothea Lange

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Magazine | Column

Our Common Thread

A Nichiren priest resists the idea that meditation is the uniting factor across Buddhist traditions.

By Myokei Caine-Barrett, Shonin