Buddhism in Oregon:

  • Number of times a bell is rung to begin the annual Portland Buddhist Festival in Colonel Summers Park: 108
  • Year Yangsi Rinpoche founded Maitripa College in Portland: 2005
  • Year of Dalai Lama’s first visit: 2001
  • Percentage of Buddhist Adults: <1%
  • Number of Buddhist centers: 70
  • Percentage of adults who meditate at least once a week: 39%
  • Size of Bhod Khang, headquarters of the Northwest Tibetan Cultural Association in NE Portland: 17,000 sq. ft.
  • Number of Tricycle subscribers: 798

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Data from BuddhaNet’s World Buddhist Directory, Portland Buddhist Festival, The Oregonian, Maitripa College, The New York Times, Pew Research Center, Northwest Dharma Association

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