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Spring 2017
Manit Sriwanichpoom, Glass Buddha #04, 2012. Archival print, 120 x 94cm. Courtesy Yavuz Gallery.

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Examining Attention


Examining Attention

Attention is not just another “function” alongside other cognitive functions. Its ontological status is of something prior to functions and even to things. The kind of attention we bring to bear on the world changes the nature of the world we attend to, the very nature of the world in which those “functions” would be […]

By Iain McGilchrist


The Search for Meaning

My father spent two years in concentration camps—first Auschwitz, then Buchenwald, then a smaller camp in the Black Forest. No, that does not mean I am Jewish—he was a Catholic Pole living in Warsaw, turned in to the Gestapo by an orphan boy he had assisted and arrested for his role in helping to publish […]

By Andrew Olendzki


Bonfire Buddha

The night is bitter cold, the temple an icebox. Winter grips the land and the monks shiver. A wanderer arrives, hoping to defrost a bit, maybe have a cup of tea. Problem is, the fire’s gone dead and there’s no fuel left, not even a twig. This frozen, road-weary guy finds a nice big wooden […]

By Leath Tonino


Walking Backward Toward the Future

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. –Soren Kierkegaard The ancient Greeks, who put the power of Fate above that of Zeus himself, foresaw our own unpredestinate perspective in their metaphor for how we move toward the future. We do not, they believed, move forward into the future, as if crossing […]

By Jonathan Bricklin