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Summer 2017
Grégoire A. Meyer, Pop Idol. New media, 39.4 x 39.4 x 0.4in. Courtesy the artist/Saatchi Art.

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Special Section

Camp Dharma

The recent talk of a Muslim registry isn’t the first time the United States government has targeted individuals based on their religion. Duncan Ryuken Williams shares the often overlooked stories of Buddhist Japanese Americans who were interned during WWII—and explains why it’s critical now to revisit their sacrifices and contributions.

By Duncan Ryuken Williams


Photo of Bernie Glassman at a clinic, bernie glassman stroke


Now What?

When Zen master Bernie Glassman suffers a debilitating stroke, he and his wife learn the ultimate lesson of not-knowing.

By Eve Marko, Photographs by Bob Miller
Image of misery by Kathe Kollwotz for story on Buddhist death ritual


Washing My Boy’s Body

When a hospice counselor is called to the bedside of a child who has just died, he leads the parents through a Buddhist ritual for cleaning the body. In the process, he guides them through the fires of grief, which burn away everything but love.

By Frank Ostaseski
monks at a vesak ceremony


Only Connect

In a place where Buddhist roots don’t run deep, the Northwest Dharma Association is making efforts to build bridges across disparate Buddhist groups––some of which exist side-by-side yet remain unaware of each other.

By Steve Wilhelm
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