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The Teacher Racket

Two years ago, my wife, Stephanie, and I decided to move to Toronto from our home in Los Angeles to be nearer to our families. Among other things, this meant leaving our jobs—in my case, a…

By Daniel Clarkson Fisher

What's So Wrong with Mindfulness?

Magazine | Column

What’s So Wrong with Mindfulness?

“I was stressed out, burned out, and divorced. And then I started doing yoga.” This is how many people I have spoken to in the course of my research describe their path to mindfulness. Like yoga,…

By Nalika Gajaweera

Frazer Hudson/Alamy Stock Photo

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Giving Pain the Slip

I learned to meditate when I was 8 years old, though I did not know it at the time. I was beset by terrible headaches, and the doctors did not know their cause. In retrospect, I…

By Andrew Olendzki

Jodi Payne/Stockimo/Alamy Stock Photo

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Ecology of the Heart

We have a simple wooden Buddha figure on our home altar. During a surfing holiday in Bali, our son Jesse purchased this Buddha from a seaside craftsman. Jesse asked forgiveness of the Buddha before wrapping him…

By Wendy Johnson