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Winter 2016
Stele depicting the miracle of Sravasti, Gandhara, 4th century CE. Courtesy Lahore Museum, Lahore, Pakistan.

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The Teacher Racket

Two years ago, my wife, Stephanie, and I decided to move to Toronto from our home in Los Angeles to be nearer to our families. Among other things, this meant leaving our jobs—in my case, a career as a tenured professor and department chair at a Buddhist-founded university. While I was ready for a career […]

By Daniel Clarkson Fisher
What's So Wrong with Mindfulness?


What’s So Wrong with Mindfulness?

“I was stressed out, burned out, and divorced. And then I started doing yoga.” This is how many people I have spoken to in the course of my research describe their path to mindfulness. Like yoga, mindfulness has had a tremendous impact on the lives of individuals who are searching for mooring in the midst […]

By Nalika Gajaweera
Frazer Hudson/Alamy Stock Photo


Giving Pain the Slip

I learned to meditate when I was 8 years old, though I did not know it at the time. I was beset by terrible headaches, and the doctors did not know their cause. In retrospect, I think it was the glue—I was an avid model builder—but whether that was the cause or not, the result […]

By Andrew Olendzki
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Ecology of the Heart

We have a simple wooden Buddha figure on our home altar. During a surfing holiday in Bali, our son Jesse purchased this Buddha from a seaside craftsman. Jesse asked forgiveness of the Buddha before wrapping him in old T-shirts and a salty towel and hauling the World- Honored One home to the Left Coast of […]

By Wendy Johnson