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Third Karmapa's footprints, buddhism islam

IdeasMagazine | Feature

When the Monks Met the Muslims

In the popular imagination, Buddhism is synonymous with introspective peace, Islam with violent blind faith. But both conceptions are nothing more than Western fantasy. Revisiting the centuries of Buddhist-Muslim cooperative interaction forces us to rethink our…

By Johan Elverskog


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People silhouetted in healthcare cross symbol

IdeasMagazine | Column

Health Care for All Beings

Like calling upon the Buddha, the dharma, and the sangha for spiritual support, universal health care would create a basis of material and emotional support from which citizens could solve other pressing personal and social problems.

By Elizabeth Zach

Fire burning in Stanislaus National Forest, California fires

IdeasMagazine | Column

Forest Refuge

In the aftermath of California's devastating forest fires, Tricycle columnist Wendy Johnson reflects on the link between environmental destruction and regeneration.

By Wendy Johnson