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Rick Bass reflects on a life devoted to wilderness, and to environmental activism, and discovers that the one needn't exclude the other.

By Rick Bass


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Jane Hirschfieldfrom Given Sugar, Given SaltHarperCollins: New York, 2001, 88pp.; $24 (cloth) Metapsychosis Some stories last many centuries,others only a moment.All alter over that lifetime like beach-glass,grow distant and more beautiful with salt. Yet even today,…

By Tricycle

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Books In Brief Summer 2001

Buddhist Symbolism in Tibetan ThangkasThe Story of Siddhartha and Other Buddhas Interpreted in Modern Nepalese Paintingby Ben MeulenbeldWeiser Books: Maine, 2001112 pp.; $19.95 (paper) This book is an introduction to the art of the Tibetan scroll…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Afterword

On Silence

Those who are fond of retreats—writers, ecstatics, parents with young children—often comment on the silence such time away allows. Silence becomes something present, almost palpable. The task shifts from keeping the world at a safe decibel…

By Barbara Hurd

Magazine | Letters

Letters to the Editor Summer 2001

Tricycle welcomes letters to the editor. Letters are subject to editing. Please send correspondence to: Tricycle: The Buddhist Review 92 Vandam Street New York, NY 10013 Fax: (212) 645-1493 Nazi’s Archives As an ethnic Jew…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Editors View

Selling Water by the River

It’s not unusual for Tricycle to cover the enormous diversity of Buddhism, but in this particular issue, the spectrum is about as broad as it gets. At one end, we have the barbaric destruction of the…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Reviews

Secret Tibet’ by Fosco Maraini

Secret TibetFosco MarainiThe Harvill Press: London, 2001425 pp.; $35 (cloth) There is something about traveling in Tibet that makes Westerners reach for their pens. But of the literally dozens of travelers who have described their Tibetan…

By Alex McKay

Magazine | Contributors

Contributors Summer 2001

Rob Schultheis, a journalist, painter, and adventurer, covers the destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan. He lives in the mountain town of Telluride, Colorado, with his wife-an artist and tour guide whom he married at a…

By Tricycle

Magazine | Reviews

Buddha’ by Karen Armstrong

BuddhaKaren ArmstrongViking: New York, 2001205 pp.; $19.95 (cloth) How do you write a biography of a Tathagata, one who has “disappeared”? Anyone who aspires to the task of writing the life of the Buddha has to…

By Carole Tonkinson

Magazine | In the News

In the News Summer 2001

Fading Hope The Dalai Lama makes a much-anticipated return to the United Stares this May. During his monthlong stay he will visit the cities of Minneapolis, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Salt Lake…

By Tricycle

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