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Chasing Elephants’ by Diane Shainberg

CHASING ELEPHANTS:Healing Psychologically with Buddhist Wisdomby Diane ShainbergAsti-Rahman Books: New York, 2000200 pp. ; $16.95 (paper) In her new book, Diane Shainberg, a clinical psychologist and Zen Buddhist priest, places the reader in the present moment.…

By Paul Fleischman

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Books in Brief Spring 2001

THE BODHISATTVA VOW Geshe Sonam Rinchen,trans. Ruth SonamSnow Lion Publications: Ithaca,New York, 2000235 pp.; $14.95 (paper) Geshe Sonam Rinchen, a Tibetan scholar living in Dharamsala, presents the work of Chandragomin, the eighth-century author of Twenty Verses…

By Tricycle

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In the News Spring 2001

TIBET MAKES CONTACT: China makes demands At a December 4 news conference held in Dharamsala, India, the Dalai Lama announced that contact between Beijing and the Tibetan government-in-exile has been reestablished. The Dalai Lama told the…

By Tricycle

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A Two-Track Mind

Every time the salesman at Eastern Mountain Sports brought an item for me to try on—a Superwick undershirt, a fleece vest, a coated-nylon shell—I tried to gauge my level of comfort for various degrees of inclement…

By Helen Tworkov

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Indestructible Truth’ by Reginald A. Ray

INDESTRUCTIBLE TRUTH:The Living Spirituality of Tibetan Buddhismby Reginald A. RayShambhala: Boston & London, 2000432 pp.; $29.95 (cloth) The ideal reader for Reginald A. Ray’s massive study of the Tibetan spiritual tradition, Indestructible Truth, would be a…

By Rebecca Radner

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Contributors Spring 2001

In his work, Mark Epstein, psychiatrist and author of Thoughts Without a Thinker and the forthcoming Going on Being (see “Platform of Joy“), brings a Buddhist perspective on human suffering to Western psychology’s approach to mental anguish. He lives with his…

By Tricycle

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The New Buddhism’ by William Coleman

THE NEW BUDDHISMThe Western Transformation of an Ancient Traditionby James William ColemanOxford University Press: New York, 2000256 pp.; $25.00 (cloth) The “New Buddhism” in the title of James Coleman’s The New Buddhism: The Western Transformation of…

By Peter Gregory

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