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To overcome the part of our nature that separates us from others and encourages conflict and division . . . requires profound shifts in the way that we relate to ourselves and others: we can’t ignore, shy away from, or avoid difficult issues or conversations.

– J. Sunara Sasser, “Why Are There So Many Black Buddhists?”

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Winter 2020

As uncertainty and distress escalate amid social, political, and environmental unraveling and on the brink of a US presidential election, it can be hard not to get caught up in the times. But as Editor-and-Publisher James Shaheen writes in this issue’s editorial (“A Time for Eternities”), we must do our best to ground our experience of such day-to-day turbulence in the spiritual truths that endure. In “Living in a World That No Longer Exists,” social critic Curtis White ruminates on the changed shape of cultural artifacts he previously thought to have vanished; pop music icon Tina Turner reflects on the Buddhist teachings and practices that made her indestructibly strong throughout her adult life; and Insight Meditation teacher Tuere Sala talks about racial justice in the context of her time as a Buddhist prosecuting attorney. And because patience can’t be valued enough, Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche expounds on this pillar of Buddhist practice in the Dharma Talk “The Path of Patience.”

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Timeless teachings. Modern methods.

Buddha Buzz Weekly: Haemin Sunim Returns to Monastic Life

Dhamma Wheel

Dhamma Wheel is a program of daily contemplation designed to deepen your understanding of Buddhist wisdom and gradually integrate it into your meditation practice and your life.

With Andrew Olendzki

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pamela weiss dharma talk

Awakening the Fierce Feminine

Pamela Weiss

Pamela Weiss, author of A Bigger Sky: Awakening a Fierce Feminine Buddhism, shares stories of Buddhist women who illuminate how feminine energy can support people in their practice. These often overlooked figures exemplify qualities cultivated on the Buddhist path and provide an important counterbalance to the historically patriarchal tradition.

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Buddhist films and discussion for the Tricycle Community

the third harmony

The Third Harmony

Ahimsa, or non-harming, is a cornerstone of the Buddha’s teachings. It also has driven various social movements. Through interviews with activists and experts, this film explores how nonviolent action brings about radical change.

By Michael Nagler


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