joseph goldstein retreat


Tired of Pretending to Be Me

After emerging from a 3-month silent retreat, Joseph Goldstein discusses the value and challenges of a long retreat, the wisdom of investigation, and why we need joy—on retreat and off.

By Tricycle
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Mind nature does not need to be nourished. It is simply there, like space. What we are actually nourishing is our experience of it.

– Ken McLeod, “Let Mind Nature Be Your Guru through Mystical Devotion”


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Summer 2021

In Tricycle’s latest issue, teachers, artists, and writers explore the evolution of Buddhist social engagement and the challenges practitioners still face. Pamela Ayo Yetunde and Cheryl A. Giles—the editors of the anthology Black and Buddhist—discuss what the dharma and the experience of Black people in America can teach us about the nature of suffering and freedom; scholar Donald S. Lopez writes about how, for most of its history, Buddhist teachings have had little to offer social activism; the photography of Burmese artist Nge Lay illuminates how Myanmar’s past and present collide; and Rev. Dr. Kenneth Tanaka observes that within one US city, we can find a greater diversity of Buddhist traditions living side by side than has ever existed before and asks what that means for the future.

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Buddha Buzz Weekly: Myanmar’s Junta Charges Aung San Suu Kyi with Corruption

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The Threefold Practice of Won Buddhism

Rev. Grace Song

In Won Buddhism, the threefold practice—absorption, inquiry, and making mindful choices—maps out the path to spiritual freedom. Rev. Grace Song describes how these principles work together to help us develop a more balanced practice that puts Buddhist wisdom into action in our daily lives.

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geshema film

The Geshema is Born

For decades, Tibetan Buddhist nuns and their allies fought for the right to receive their religious tradition’s highest academic honor, the geshe degree (called geshema for women). The Geshema is Born follows the inspiring story of Namdol Phuntsok, an exceptional young nun, as she earns top honors and becomes one of the first of a new class of esteemed women scholars.

By Malati Rao


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